2020 - 2021 State Service Project

Veteran Research and Education Foundation

The Veteran Research and Education Foundation was founded in 1989, to support research and educational activities. This foundation strives to support the Veteran Affairs Health Care System by providing research, education, and training to foster progress in biomedical, clinical, rehabilitative, and health care service programs.

Our Monetary Goal is $15,000!!!

This money will be donated to provide funding for their research endeavors on illnesses such as Cancer, PTSD, and many other illnesses that have affected veterans. It will also be used to assist in providing assistance and travel funds to approved investigators to present research results, that may pave the way to future grant applicants, that they may further research and one day find answers and help.

This Year we will also be having a volunteer hour goal alongside our financial goal. This goal is 1,200 hours. Our goal will be reached by volunteering at local VA Hospitals, Veteran’s retirement homes, or by volunteering and serving active military.